Días Nórdicos: The Animation Workshop will introduce teachers and pupils to animation in all-day workshops on the 3rd and the 4th in Montevideo and from the 5th to 7th December in Buenos Aires.

Animation can be used in the daily school work. By teachers in the classes, but also by the pupils for their assignments and as part of their homework. This is the point of departure when as part of the Nordic culture festival Días Nórdicos, Hanne Petersen from Danish The Animation Workshop will teach teachers and pupils respectively in all-day workshops. First in Montevideo, Uruguay and then in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Animation Workshop (TAW) – at Via University College – is a bachelor degree’s programme based in Viborg, Denmark. Expanding on that work TAW has created Animated Learning Lab (ALL), which has Hanne Pedersen as its head. ALL organizes workshops and courses to draw attention to the potential of animation as a tool of communication and cognition in primary and lower secondary school with the grand vision that animation will eventually be used on a par with written text and speech and white or blackboards.

Today we actually possess the technology to employ animation in primary and lower secondary school. Animations may be produced on smartphones or tablets. Extremely intuitive, free animation apps that require little or no instruction are available. The only real obstacle is lack of knowledge that animation is in fact so easy to produce.

ALL attaches great importance to the creative process which may unfold during the production and to the respect for the children’s reflections and creations.

ALL visits Danish and foreign schools on a project basis, and with 25 years of experience in Denmark ALL feels safe in concluding that both the medium and the process when working with animation stimulate the students’ motivation and boost their capacity for reflection. Very often animation helps children who have trouble expressing themselves in writing. Finally, animation sometimes proves to communicate more clearly than video recordings.

The didactic approach is founded on a Scandinavian view on children and is informed by Danish author, philosopher teacher, etc. N.F.S. Grundtvig’s thoughts on lively and dialectical teaching that leaves room for reflection and strong sense of ownership for the students.

“We would like to share the positive results we have seen with the rest of the world and help schools take the step into the 21st century and focus on the skills that are also necessary in today’s world”, says Hanne Pedersen, who sees Días Nórdicos as a rendezvous point for different cultures to exchange ideas and methods and be innovative.

Días Nórdicos Latinamerica 2018 is supported by Statens Kunstfond, The Nordics, Instituto Ibero Americano de Finlandia, Nordens Hus in the Faroe Islands, FFT – Den Færøske Sangskriverforening, and Atlantic Airways.

Días Nórdicos Latinamerica 2018 is arranged by ROSA and Zona de Obras in collaboration with Nordens Institut på Åland, Nordens Institut in Greenland, The Animation Workshop, Centro Cultural Recoleta (AR), Sesc (BR), Difusa Fronteira (BR), Plastilina (PE), and Contrapedal (UY).