1st – 13th December

Nordic music, architecture, animation, etc. on tour in Latin American countries, comprising concerts, genre-crossing collaborative projects, workshops, seminars focusing on Nordic culture and values and more.

Días Nórdicos presents Nordic culture in Latin America and will be arranging engaging and colourful events in December 2018 – in Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru.

Nordic Week in Buenos Aires
The biggest event of the tour is a ”Nordic Week” mostly centred at the great Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Argentina, starting on Monday December 3rd:

Concerts and workshops
The Nordic musicians Peter Wangel (Denmark), The Hearing (Finland), Birdpeople (Åland), Hulda (Faroe Islands), and Da Bartali Crew (Greenland) will collaborate in a workshop with Argentine colleagues – culminating with a workshop concert at Centro Cultural Recoleta Sunday Dec. 9th.
– During their stay in Buenos Aires the five acts will also perform a solo show at Recoleta and a show at Centro Cultural de Espana in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Another music workshop will bring together Danish classical arranger/composer Mette Dahl Kristensen and Argentine singer-songwriter Lucia Mantel – Mette Dahl Kristensen is going to re-arrange songs of Lucio Mantel for an Argentine string quartet, The three-day workshop will conclude with a concert at Centro Cultural Recoleta Chapel Saturday December 8th.

Animation Learning
From Wednesday Dec. 5th until Friday Dec. 7th The Animation Workshop from Via University in Viborg, Denmark will teach Argentine teachers and pupils how to use animation as one of many tools in the daily school work. This is scheduled as three one-day courses at Recoleta. These one day courses for teachers and pupils will also happen at Centro Cultural de Espana in Montevideo, Uruguay, Monday Dec. 3rd and Tuesday Dec. 4th.

Exhibition – sustainable architecture
From Dec 4th until Dec. 16th there will be an exhibition on sustainable architecture, called “Welcome Home”, focusing on people, architecture, migration, sustainability and the importance of having a home. The aim is to show how, regardless of where you come from and where you live, you can build and create a home within the limits of your economy and without destroying our planet. The exhibition includes a workshop where children can try to build their own homes.

The place is Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, Buenos Aires.


There will be 3 seminars/talks during the week – On Wednesday Dec. 5th a seminar/debate at Recoleta will address “Tools for shaping the music industry of the future” with speakers from the Nordic countries as well as Latin America.
“Experimental educational projects – experiences from architecture, design and technology” will take place on Friday Dec. 7th. This seminar will be part of the exhibition “Welcome Home” at Casa Nacional del Bicentenario.
And the last talk on Sunday Dec. 9th is titled “Nordic Stories in Buenos Aires” focusing on what the potential is for people from the Nordic countries to develop their careers in Argentina. With first-hand experiences from Nordic people living in Buenos Aires.

Peru, Uruguay and Brazil
Prior to the “Nordic Week” in Buenos Aires, the five above-mentioned Nordic acts will perform in Lima, Peru at Centro Cultural de Espana Saturday Dec. 1st.

The Animation Workshop will do their courses for teachers and pupils Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th of December at Centro Cultural de Espana, Montevideo, Uruguay

And finally the five Nordic acts will also perform Centro Cultural de Espana, Montevideo, Uruguay on Friday Dec. 7th before their tour ends Dec 12th-13th in Sao Paulo, Brazil where the five acts play their last shows before returning to the cold North.



Días Nórdicos Latinamerica 2018 is supported by Statens Kunstfond, The Nordics, Instituto Ibero Americano de Finlandia, Nordens Hus in the Faroe Islands, FFT – Den Færøske Sangskriverforening, and Atlantic Airways.

Días Nórdicos Latinamerica 2018 is arranged by ROSA and Zona de Obras in collaboration with Nordens Institut på Åland, Nordens Institut in Greenland, The Animation Workshop, Centro Cultural Recoleta (AR), Sesc (BR), Difusa Fronteira (BR), Plastilina (PE), and Contrapedal (UY).