The Nordic week in Buenos Aires in connection with the Días Nórdicos festival also features three interesting seminar meetings, which touch upon a wide range of issues in relation to the Nordic-Latin American collaboration.

Tools for shaping the music industry of the future
This seminar and debate meeting will address the new technologies, the increasing significance of the festivals and possible new forms of collaboration in the music industry – including new perspectives when it comes to promotion and artistic development. The panelists will share their experiences from their own work and take a close look at the future of the music business – including the music that is not high in the charts.

Panelists: Gunnar Madsen (ROSA / SPOT Festival, DK), Diego Boris (INAMU, The National Institute of Music, AR), Jacob Mangwana Haagendal (The Nordic Institute on Åland – AX), Nicolas Madoery (Record company boss ConceptoO /producer 432 Hertzios / member of AsiAr, Argentina), Henriette Heimdal (WIN – Worldwide Independent Network, NO). Moderator: Nicolás Wainszelbaum (Días Nórdicos, AR).

Wednesday 5th December, at 5.30 pm, at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, AR

– – –

Experimental educational projects – experiences from architecture, design and technology.
Experts from Nordic and Argentine institutions will present experimental educational projects that develop learning processes and think “outside the box”. This seminar is to take place as part of the exhibition “Welcome Home” – the exhibition from Åland about sustainable architecture.

Panelists: Charlotte Carstensen and Gitte Mathiasen (All About A – Co-lab of Copenhagen architects and designers specializing in children and architecture, DK), Hanne Pedersen (head of Animation Learning Lab, Via University College, DK), Jorge Calzoni (UNDAV – technical youth education project, AR), Mariela Yeregui, José María d’Angelo and Sebastían Pasquel (Mala Praxis Project – interdisciplinary tool for enhanced dialogue between art and science and technology / UNTREF, Argentina). Moderator: Horacio Wainhaus.

Friday 7th December at 6:00 pm, at National Bicentennial House, Riobamba 985, Buenos Aires, AR

– – –

Nordic Stories in Buenos Aires
What is it like for people from the Nordic countries to live among the Argentines? What is the potential for people from the Nordic countries to develop their careers in Argentina – personally and professionally/ artistically? First-hand accounts delivered by people from the Nordic countries now residing in Argentina.

Panelists: Henrik Malmström (photographer, FI), Mats Gunnarson (Scania Group – Senior Vice President Americas, Commercial Operations, SE), Henrik Lundorff Kristensen (entrepreneur, coordinator and planning advisor concerning pedestrian zones for the Buenos Aires City Council, DK)

Moderator: Andrés Kilstein (sociologist and debater, AR)

Sunday 9th December, at 5.30 pm, at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, AR

Días Nórdicos Latinamerica 2018 is supported by Statens Kunstfond, The Nordics, Instituto Ibero Americano de Finlandia, Nordens Hus in the Faroe Islands, FFT – Den Færøske Sangskriverforening, and Atlantic Airways.

Días Nórdicos Latinamerica 2018 is arranged by ROSA and Zona de Obras in collaboration with Nordens Institut på Åland, Nordens Institut in Greenland, The Animation Workshop, Centro Cultural Recoleta (AR), Sesc (BR), Difusa Fronteira (BR), Plastilina (PE), and Contrapedal (UY).