As a genre organization, ROSA aims to strengthen and further the modern, popular music scene in Denmark. We focus on rock music and its related genres. We support large parts of popular Danish music culture – also when Danish music moves beyond the Danish borders.

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Range of work

At ROSA, the primary field of activities consists of making projects that include many perennial concepts, but also one-off events. Our project work aims to cultivate the popular Danish music scene by increasing the awareness of and the access to Danish music both in Denmark and internationally.

Being a genre organization for rock music and its related genres, we serve as an integral part of the network around the popular music scene, and we help ensure its basis of existence. We do this by offering sparring and collaboration with the many players in Danish music, but also by being available for anyone who wants to learn more about the Danish music scene.

In addition to the many projects, we also offer subsidy schemes for performing musicians within our scope of genres.