Días Nórdicos is a festival that presents Nordic culture of all sorts in Spain (since 2010) and in Latin America (since 2014). ROSA has been a collaborating partner and co-planner when it comes to the music since the outset and has presented a multi-coloured palette of strong acts from all the Nordic countries at large, prominent venues in both Spain and Latin America, where the Nordic acts have met huge and dedicated audiences and extensive media coverage.

The collaboration has also led to Spanish/Latin American coverage of for instance the SPOT Festival in the media of the respective countries.

Moreover, for the last couple of years workshops bringing together Nordic and Spanish/Latin American musicians have been organized in both Latin America and Denmark. The latest festival in Latin America in December 2018 also included animation seminars, an architecture exhibition workshop, workshops focusing on classical and popular music respectively and panel debates in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in addition to concerts in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Lima (Peru), and Montevideo (Uruguay).