Since 2007 ROSA – The Danish Rock Council has arranged concerts at Danish continuation schools in cooperation with the schools and the AFTRYK Festival. The 2019/2020 season will be the 13th consecutive year with new quality music being presented live at the continuation schools around the country.

From the beginning, the primary purpose of E-Tur has been to give young bands and artists experience playing live in front of a new and different audience. The students at the continuation schools are also given a unique opportunity to attend high-quality live music concerts, which might shape future concertgoers. In some cases, workshops are organized where the artists work together with the students and teach them about music.

E-Tur presents most of the styles within the palette of popular music, and the project will pass the 500 concerts mark in the 2019/2020 season with more than 60 touring artists since the beginning in 2007.