Every year since 2006, primarily Danish, and occasionally Norwegian, artists and bands have been presented in a maritime setting, on the ferry between Copenhagen and Oslo, in front of new audience segments.

ROSA – The Danish Rock Council curates and organizes a number of concerts and artistic events in collaboration with DFDS Seaways, which finances all fees and associated costs. Since the beginning in 2006, the collaboration with DFDS has included concerts, free trips for artists and special music events. DFDS also provides ROSA / SPOT with a main sponsorship.

ROSA Focuses on finding new venues and new audience bases that can contribute to artistic development and stimulate Danish artists’ sources of income. Since 2015, DFDS Seaways has awarded the RockCruise grant to selected Danish artists. With this grant, DFDS Seaways is committed to the development opportunities for Danish musicians and bands, and the recipients may dispose of the grant as they see fit– in connection with concerts, recordings etc.